The Crystal Collector digs crystals all over the United States!

Amethyst hunting, Herkimer Diamond Mining, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamonds, you name it!

We film our digs and you can find them on our YouTube channel. Many locations filmed are open for public digging, check out The Crystal Collector™ playlist on YouTube for open digs!

Crystal mining is fun for all ages, and great for the soul!

Join us as we travel all across the US to hunt for hidden treasures in the earth!

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Join The Crystal Collector™ on FaceBook in ‘The Crystal Clubhouse’.  You’ll have access to occasional, special boxes of crystals, gems and rocks to purchase!!


Are you interested in digging for your own crystals and gems but not sure where to go?

We’re here to help and we’ve actually made it pretty easy for you.

Simply click on the state you’re interested in digging in and you’ll see a list of dig sites in that state, a map of how to get there, and all the tools, etc. that you’ll need once there.  How easy is that?

The Crystal Collector
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Dude Perfect and The Crystal Collector