State Rock: Red Granite (1971)
State Mineral: Galena (1971)
State Fossil: Calymene Celebra (1986)

Gemstones can be found commonly in Wisconsin. The Lake Superior Agate is found in every county. Collectors may find diamonds, especially in the counties around Milwaukee.

Wisconsin is also well known for incredible specimens of Lake Superior Agates, Quartz Crystals, and Labradorite.

The best places to rockhound in Wisconsin are stream beds, river gravels, quarries, glacial moraine gravels, and lakeshore beaches. Northwestern and Southwestern Wisconsin are particularly good locations for rockhounds, with the best locations being in local river gravels and mining dumps.

Wisconsin also has meteorites here and there, like the 2010 Mifflin meteorite in Iowa County, Wisconsin.


Please note that rock collecting locations are always changing so be sure to check with the site owner for the most current information before going.

Dig safe, never go underground, and make sure to get permission from the landowner to search for and collect rocks.