State Rock: Roxbury Puddingstone (Roxbury Conglomerate) (1983)
State Gemstone: Rhodonite (1979)
State Mineral: Babingtonite (1971)
State Fossil: Dinosaur Track (1980)

The geology of the state has vast basalts cut by the Connecticut River, resulting in the exposure of Agate and Jasper. The high-quality Beryl and Rhodonite found in the western part of Massachusetts will be particularly desirable for any aspiring rockhound in the area.

Some of the best places to rockhound in Massachusetts are privately owned mines like the Betts Rhodonite Mine and Reynolds Mine, the ocean beaches of Massachusetts Bay, and pegmatite veins near several towns like Goshen and Plainfield in the western part of the state. Be sure to ask for permission before digging.

You can find dinosaur track sites in the Connecticut River Valley.


Please note that rock collecting locations are always changing so be sure to check with the site owner for the most current information before going.

Dig safe, never go underground, and make sure to get permission from the landowner to search for and collect rocks.