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The Crystal Collector

Bryan and Matrix Major
Photo Coming Soon

COMING SOON… Another Crystal Collector Video!! Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

My very first pocket

World Class Amethyst Pocket Found! South Carolina!!!


Wulfenite dig is happening!!

Bryan Major and Matrix

Went to Kentucky last week and found some huge crystal geodes in the creeks!!

Sharks teeth in New Jersey

Sharks teeth in New Jersey!! Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

My very first pocket

My very first pocket at Mohawk Valley Mineral Mining It was AMAZING

Garnets are all over the place

The Garnets are all over the place!

3 pockets found

3 pockets found in 36 hrs! At Mohawk Valley Mineral Mining

Quartz Crystals for days

Quartz Crystals for DAYS!

Finding a large crystal point

Finding a large crystal point right out of the pocket at the Hamilton Hill Mine in Arkansas.

Glowing Rocks Found

GLOWING ROCKS FOUND! Night dig with Franklin Mineral Museum

Amazing Moment

Amazing moment in Herkimer Diamond history!

Found a HUGE Garnet

Found a HUGE GARNET! Now the mine is CLOSED!!

Aquamarine and Tourmaline

Aquamarine & Tourmaline all over the ground!

Crystals left and right

Crystals left & right at Mohawk Valley Mineral Mining

Look what I found in Michigan

LOOK at what I found in Michigan!

That time we pulled the best Selenite

That time we pulled the best selenite I’ve EVER SEEN!

Collecting Azurite

Collecting AZURITE in New Mexico. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

Washing off the monsters
Washing off the Monsters!!!


Broke my personal world record

Broke my personal record. Found THE LARGEST Herkimer Diamond of my life!!!

Pulling out the largest Herkimer of my life

Pulling out the largest Herkimer Crystal of my life!!!!!

Huge Herkimer Diamond Found

HUGE Herkimer Diamond Found!!!

Finding Topaz
Finding Topaz!  You can experience a private blast dig here at Topaz Mountain!!


Area 52 Herkimer Diamond

Found this cool crystal at Area 52 digging for Herkimer Diamonds!

Digging Herkimer Diamonds

Having Fun in New York Digging for Herkimer Diamonds!!!

Digging for Calcite Clams
Digging for Calcite Clams in Florida at Rucks Pit
Selenite Crystals

Rockhounding Selenite Crystals Salt Plaines State Park, OK

bottle finding

The Bottle Collector ~ New Series


Azurite Collecting in New Mexico!!

just wait
Just Wait Till It’s Cleaned Up!!!
never before seen

Never Seen Before Footage from Diamond Hill Mine!!!

Herkimer Diamond Mining

Herkimer Diamond Mining!

Turquoise Mining

Turquoise Mining!

Bryan Major
100+ Year Old Bottles & Heavy Mosquitoes


amethyst galore

Amethyst Galore!!!

making bismuth

Making Bismuth Crystals!

Found The Crystals

Found The Crystals!

Bryan and Matrix

Digging for REAL OBSIDIAN in Utah

Petrified Wood

Legally Collecting Rainbow Petrified Wood in Arizona. Dobell Curios / Rhonda’s Petrified Wood, Dobell Ranch

Herkimer Diamond

Finding the crazy skeletal Herkimer diamond last week! What a rush! Thanks to Area 51 Miners for having me out!

huge crystal

THIS is how to DIG for CRYSTALS with Avant Mining LLC

Bryan Major holding huge crystal

Extremely LARGE Crystals found this day! With Avant Mining LLC

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond Mining Gets Amazing! In New York with Area 51 Miners

Fun Beach Day
Herkimer Diamond
Washing Druse

Fun beach day finding stuff!!

Pulling Herkimer Diamonds with The Crystal Collector, live from New York!

Washing off some high quality Druse Crystals from Haunted Ridge in Cadet, MO

Crystal Collecting in CALIFORNIA for Benitoite! It’s open to the public!!! Benitoite Mining Company

Tourmaline Crystal
water inclusion
Azurite Blueberries

How to make Bismuth Crystals!!

California Tourmaline & Crystal Digging!!

Watch to see the amazing 450 million year old water inclusion with moving bubble!!!

Azurite “Blueberry” crystal dig in Utah! With guides Deep Desert Expeditions

Smokey Amethyst
Shark Teeth
Area 51

Large glassy smoky amethyst being found in South Carolina from Private Location.

Shark Tooth Hunt with The Crystal Collector!

New Crystal Pocket found in Arkansas! With Bryan Major Area51miners Jeremy Silverman Avant Mining LLC

Topaz Crystal Treasure finds in Utah at Topaz Mountain Adventures With Bigfoot Crystals

Bryan Major holding a large Crystal
Quartz Crystal
Pecos Diamonds

Digging some large Quartz crystals with friends at the Avant Mining LLC private commercial location

Super nice quartz crystal right from vein system in one of the best pockets I’ve dug!! Thanks to Avant Mining LLC

Progress from this week’s Crystal Digging!!

Quartz Crystals ALL Over the GROUND!!

Photo Coming Soon

Another Crystal Collector Video  Coming Soon

Photo Coming Soon

Another Crystal Collector Video  Coming Soon

Photo Coming Soon

Another Crystal Collector Video  Coming Soon

Photo Coming Soon

Another Crystal Collector Video  Coming Soon