State Gemstone: Fairburn Agate (1966)
State Mineral: Rose Quartz
State Fossil: Triceratops (1988)

South Dakota is well known for its Black Hills’ gold and pegmatites, as well as for their amazing caves. Jewel Cave is the 2nd largest cave in the world and is located inside of Jewel Cave National Monument. There have been a dozen or so meteorites found in South Dakota.

The Fairfield Agate, a highly prized and valuable stone can be found in the gravel beds, pegmatites and old mine tailings of the Black Hills. Rose Quartz can be found there as well.


Please note that rock collecting locations are always changing so be sure to check with the site owner for the most current information before going.

Dig safe, never go underground, and make sure to get permission from the landowner to search for and collect rocks.